About Us

About Us

The Winery

Ryan Burgis (Owner), Will Coleman (Manager),
Janek Guminski (Owner)

At Skimmerhorn Winery and Vineyard we craft wines in small batches from grapes grown on the benchlands of our estate in Creston, BC. The winery is named after the majestic Skimmerhorn mountain range which contributes to our unique terroir, soil and micro-climate. The combination of these factors affords our wines flavours that are truly exceptional. The wines are concentrated, balanced and ready to enjoy.

The Creston Valley

Creston is a town of approximately 5,306 people in the Kootenay region of southeastern British Columbia, Canada. The town is located approximately 10 km (6 mi) north of the border crossing into the United States It is about a one-hour drive southwest from Cranbrook along the Crowsnest Highway.

Creston is the eastern terminus of the Salmo-Creston highway constructed in the 1960s as a shortcut to avoid the long route north to Nelson and crossing Kootenay Lake on the Kootenay Lake Ferry between Balfour and Kootenay Bay. The Salmo-Creston highway, which is part of the Crowsnest Highway, connected with earlier highways eastward of Creston. Creston is one of the few towns in British Columbia that does not observe daylight saving time.

Creston’s climate is often modified by air masses of the Pacific Ocean origin, especially in winter. Daily maximum temperatures are usually above freezing even in January except when air masses of Arctic origin move over the area. The worst cold outbreaks may send temperatures below −30 °C (−22 °F) on rare occasions. Spring comes early by Canadian standards; trees usually start to leaf out before the end of April. A clear summer day is likely to have a daily maximum near or above 25 °C (77 °F); the record maximum is 39.4 °C (103 °F). The first fall frost usually holds off until October where air drainage is good. The Creston Area produces some of the largest cherries grown in the northern hemisphere and exports them globally.

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